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2-BBL TBI Kits

2-BBL TBI Kits

If you are currently running a 2-barrel carburetor and are making up to 275 HP, Holley has made it super-easy for you to make the switch to fuel injection! Holley's 2-bbl Throttle Body Injection (TBI) Fuel Injection Kit is made to be a fast, easy, cost-effective swap from carburetion to the many benefits of fuel injection. The kit includes adapters for both spread-bore and square-bore intake manifolds, or an adapter for Holley 2300 carburetor manifolds is available separately. This is the fast lane to fuel injection for those already setup to run a 2-barrel carburetor!

If you're looking at this and wondering how difficult it is to set up a Holley 2BBL TBI Fuel Injection Kit, let us give you some reassurances. If you have the tools and knowledge to bolt a carburetor into place and connect the fuel lines, you're half way there already. You'll then have to replace the stock fuel pump and install the O2 sensor, MAP sensor, and air temperature sensor. All that remains is finding a home inside the car for the ECU, connecting the harness (most of the connections are just plug-ins), and then running the setup program. Every single part you need for the installation is included, other than a bit of fuel line and a few crimp connectors. The Holley 2-BBL TBI Fuel Injection Kit even includes the fuel pump!

Holley has made the setup program so easy you simply won't believe it. You use the Holley Handheld Controller to answer a series of really tough questions (like, "is the engine more or less than 410 cubic inches".) See, you don't believe it. So visit the online video that shows the whole Holley Avenger setup process. It takes less than 3 minutes to completely set up the ECU and start the engine. After this, the system actually tunes itself, as do all of the Holley ECUs, while you drive.

Take a look at the installation instructions for the Holley 2-BBL TBI Fuel Injection Kit you are considering prior to making a purchase decision. This shows you a list and graphic of every single part that is included with the kit, along with a list of the tools and other components that you will need to complete the installation. Any questions? Contact us--we promise, we don't bite! We love to help new users experience the benefits of Holley Fuel Injection Kits.

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