Although Holley has greatly simplified EFI, the purchase of an EFI system represents the single most complex upgrade you will ever buy for your vehicle.

Where You Buy Is Important!

Over 85% of first-time EFI installers need technical assistance. That is to be expected. Even after you install a system or two there will be new challenges.

Why In The World Would You Buy From Someone Who Can't Or Won't Give You Outstanding Technical Support?

Here at HolleyInjection.Com we pride ourselves on fanatical customer support. Fast, friendly, accurate. We are not some huge speed parts warehouse that just pushes boxes with no idea what’s inside. We know not only the products and how to install them, but we understand Holley's long-term vision and know the products they are currently designing. When you use our online chat, call, or email, you will get a prompt response form a Holley Tier III technician. All for the exact same price you will pay when you buy from that big dealer that can’t spell Holley Tech Support.

Remember: Free ground shipping anywhere in the USA and 100% price match guarantee too!


HolleyInjection.Com Version 2 Goes Live!

Posted by Chris Myer 9 Jul 2015 0 Comment(s) General Studies,

Out with the old, In with the new!Welcome to the launch of HolleyInjection.Com Version 2.0!

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our new, "Version 2.0" website! The original website was really experimental and sort of a rapid-prototyping effort based on our long relationship with FJO Racing (the original designers of much of the Holley EFI line.) With our extensive background in (then) FJO and (now) Holley EFI, it seemed a natural fit to roll out HolleyInjeciton.Com.

Well, life happens, and Chris was mobilized twice over the last 5 years in his National Guard and Army Reserve roles. Since he is both lead web developer and our Tier 3 Tech Support, things were sort of backburnered for a bit. But he retired in December 14 and has had a singlar focus since then: Creating the website that you see here. We think he did alright!

Pardon Our Dust!

Of course, with any big construction project comes some dust. We decided to remove the old Holley Commander 950 repair parts from this site. Tough choice, but we wanted to create a lean site with a priority on assisting customers in understanding and buying the right Holley EFI products for their new projects.

What do you think? Please leave us a note here and let us know. Like it? Don't like it? See something you'd like added, reorganized, deleted? We're all about making this the single best place on the Internet to shop for Holley EFI. If you can't find it here please contact us. (Yes, even if you are looking for Holley Commander 950 repair parts!) We are fanatical about customer service and are glad you are here!

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