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Selecting The Right Fuel Injection Kit or Fuel Injection System

Welcome! Typically, one of two types of customers arrive at this page. Some are already completely familiar with Holley's incredible fuel injection kits and fuel injection systems. These customers are best served by using the navigation bar to the left to drill down on exactly the Holley EFI system that most precisely fills their requirements. For the rest, relax a bit and read through this straight-forward guide that will help make sense of the fuel injection options available from Holley

Two Approaches To The Same Goal

Selecting the right Holley EFI Product is as easy as picking the right Fuel Injection Kit and Fuel Injection System.

Selecting The Right Fuel Injection Kit. In the context of this discussion, a fuel injection kit is a set of components that allow the installer to give a specific fuel injection capability to a particular engine. Depending on the fuel injection system you end up selecting, one or all of the following are available:

Some of the Holley Fuel Injection Kits contain absolutely every component required for that installation (as the 2-BBL TBI, 4-BBL TBI, Multi-Point and Stealth-Ram Fuel Injection Kits do.) Alternatively, it may be a kit of components to completely retrofit the stock fuel injection system of a production engine to that of a high performance Holley Electronic Fuel Injection System (such as the Universal EFI Retrofit Kits and ECU/Harness Kits.) This is just a quick introduction. To learn more, read our section on Holley Fuel Injection Kits.

Selecting The Right Fuel Injection System. When we refer to Fuel Injection Systems, we are referring to the various ECU's available from Holley for controlling electronic fuel injection. There are three Holley fuel injection systems:

  • Avenger EFI ECU: Programmable EFI without the need for a laptop or software.
  • HP EFI ECU: An advanced ECU capable of almost anything you need.
  • Dominator EFI ECU: The ultimate in programmable ECU. Can do it all!

Read more about the benefits and capabilities of each Holley Fuel Injection System.

Types of Fuel Injection

HolleyInjection.Com classifies fuel injection into two primary types: Throttle Body Injection or Multi-Port Injection.

Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI)

TBI is appropriately named because it simply places fuel injectors in the throttle body. The throttle body is nothing more than a door (or multiple doors, working together) that opens to allow air to flow into the engine or closes to shut off that air flow. Throttle bodies come in various types, but one way to think of a throttle body is to think of a carburetor but instead of the fuel being drawn into the airflow by vacuum, fuel is injected by a fuel injector. As a matter of fact, some have converted old carburetors into throttle bodies to create a TBI fuel injection system.

Multi-Port Fuel Injection

Multi-Port Fuel Injection (also called "Multi-Point") still uses a throttle body, but the fuel injectors are moved down near the intake ports of the engine. The big benefit of this style of injection is that it typically provides more precise fuel flow. Additionally, since the air isn't carrying the fuel as far, there is some benefit from it being lighter and flowing faster. The one thing to keep in mind about multi- port injection is that you need a place to put the fuel injectors, and a fuel rail to feed fuel to them. There are a couple of different solutions for this.

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